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About Us

Welcome to Black Vendetta. my real name is Nathan Virica . I am a 21 year old songwriter and rhythm guitarist, from
Harrogate. I spent 3 years of my life in bands, one of which was
within touching distance of making it work, and in the end it was
only drummers, bassists, singers, lead guitarists, venues,
people in general, circumstances in general, life in general and
my location at the time that prevented me from achieving this.
School predictably failed and thereafter finding little else in
Harrogate other than the guy who plays Marlon in Emmerdale
(who is a truly miserable bastard if you ever happen to see him
in real life!) and a truly shit nightclub known as the moko lounge
I decided to come to London and change my strategy along the
way. I am now a solo artist (but I kept the band name I so
beautifully crafted back in 2007 :)), using guest singers for the
purposes of live performance. If topic matters such as
depression, alienation, rejection, recreational drug misuse,
failure, cripling anxiety disorders and the occasional reference
to death float your boat then my word do I have a treat for you! x

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